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LASER Series 2000 – Diameter control at all times

LASER Series 2000 XY-models for classic 2-axis diameter measurement LASER Series 2000 T-models for classic 3-axis diameter measurement LASER Series 2000 S/R-models for the measurement of sector and round cables The LASER Series 2000 includes measuring devices for classic measurement of the cable diameter in 2 or 3 planes. Integrated at the end of CCV-, VCV,- MDCV- and in insulating/ jacketing lines, the gauge heads are characterized by precision, reliability and functionality. The technical base of these gauge heads is a state-of-the-art CCD-line sensor technology combined with laser diodes as light sources and intelligent powerful analysis software. The outstanding feature of the non-contact measuring technology is the extremely high single value precision, which is an important aspect for the calculation of the standard deviation. The short exposure time assures reliable readings at all common line speeds.

Sikora_Small_Laser_2100_XY_Tube_Swivel_engl_thumb The LASER Series 2000 is free from moving parts and has a nearly unlimited life time. Even after years of operation the devices measure as accurately as on the day of delivery. The optical measuring principle without any moving parts ensures an availability of 99.8%. Calibration or maintenance procedures are not necessary.

LASER Series 6000 – A milestone in diameter measurement

LASER 6080 XY for high-end diameter measurement amd detection pf lumps and neckdowns The LASER 6080 XY combines a variety of new technological features for a diameter measurement with an impressive precision and reliability to improve productivity of the production line sustainably. 2,500 measurements per second, all with extremely high single value precision allow for an optimum line control and provide reliable statistical data. Integrated display in the gauge head The devices include an integrated LCD display. This provides the operator with diameter values at one glance, directly at the measuring device. Sikora_Small_Laser_6080_XY_Swivel_engl_thumbLump detector function The high measuring rate of the diameter devices also permits the detection of lumps and neckdowns. With the two-inone system investment costs are reduced. In addition, there is more space in the line as only one gauge head has to be installed. Interfaces Directly integrated in the gauge head is a universal interface module for all connections such as RS 485, RS 232, Profibus- DP or alternative industrial field busses such as CANopen, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Profinet IO. The interface module as well as all connectors are completely integrated in the gauge head and are perfectly protected against dirt, water or mechanical influences during the production. Wi-Fi interface Gauge head design The opening of the gauge is twice as big as the measuring range to ensure an easy product feed through. A special feature is the swivel type gauge head. It allows the gauge head to be moved up and out of the extrusion line. The measuring head is open at the bottom to prevent dirt and water from falling into the measuring area. The feeding of the connection cables to the interface module is protected, directly in the gauge head stand. Wi-Fi interface The LASER Series 6000 has common interfaces as well as a Wi-Fi interface, which allows for a direct connection to a smart phone or laptop. The Wi-Fi interface is used for diagnosis and quality control. Measuring values, trend and statistical data, but also video signals are transferred. SIKORA App SIKORA offers a free app for displaying measuring values, trends, statistics or video signals, at smartphones. The operator can easily log in via the Wi-Fi interface and receives immediately production data of the particular gauge head from the smartphone. The app allows also the calibration of the gauge head according to ISO 9001. The values of the test probes are read by a QR code and the measured values listed in a log file. For the quality management, a documented test certificate is created, sent and archived.

TIGER LASER 6010 XY – Today‘s fastest XY surface inspection


2-axis-diameter measurement and high-speed surface inspection

The TIGER LASER 6010 XY is an innovative two-in-one device. It measures the diameter and provides fast surface inspection for lumps and neckdowns. Optionally, the TIGER LASER 6010 XY can be combined with a device of the ECOCONTROL series for displaying an image of the faults. In combination with the ECOCONTROL the images from the product surface can also be stored. Due to the visualization, hose and tube manufacturers are able to evaluate
faults realistically without the cost of a rewinding.

Sikora_Small_Monitor_screen_TIGER_LASER_Cable_thumbThe technology is based on two high-resolution image sensors. By means of these sensors the surface profile is inspected and faults are reliably detected. The high measuring rate guarantees the highest precision of the diameter measuring results.

PURITY SCANNER – Pure Material. Best Quality

The purity of advanced materials, as they are used in medical technology, film extrusion, aerospace and automotive industry as well as the production of extra-high voltage cables, is a decisive characteristic for the quality of the final products. Therefore, the production or use of entirely clean materials is of essential importance.
With the PURITY SCANNER, SIKORA provides an unrivaled, user oriented system for 100% online inspection and automatic sorting of plastic pellets before they get into the next production process.

With the PURITY SCANNER, SIKORA provides an unrivaled, user oriented system for 100% online inspection and automatic sorting of plastic pellets before they get into the next production process.

Unique combination of X-ray and optical technology
The PURITY SCANNER intelligently combines X-ray technology with a dual-axis optical system. This allows the detection
of metallic and organic impurities of 50 μm inside the pellet and on its surface. Contaminated pellets are separated and sorted out in order to prevent that they get into the cable insulation.

The application of both technologies is unique and is exceeding previous solutions on the market. Due to the specially developed X-ray technology, the PURITY SCANNER is the first system that inspects even colored (e.g. black) pellets as well as semi-conductive XLPE material for impurities and sorts them out automatically.

With the new PURITY SCANNER the quality and functionality of end products are improved significantly
and, thus, the safety and usability for the end user is increased.

Cleaning Concept
When designing the PURITY SCANNER, it was the utmost priority to create a system that remains long-time clean. Accordingly, the transport system is integrated into an encapsulated housing with slight overpressure in order to prevent contamination entering the system from the outside.

Application Cleaning Concept
In the event that cleaning of the system is required, the system can be easily and quickly opened and cleaned.
Furthermore, the Cleaning Concept was developed for customers who run different materials respectively colors and
want to clean the system when changing the material. In addition to cleaning, there is the possibility to exchange the complete transport system with a cleaned, sealed system.

X-RAY 6000/6000 PRO – Intelligent partner at the extrusion of hoses and tubes

X-ray measuring system for wall thickness, eccentricity and diameter measurement of single-layer and multi-layer products

SIKORA offers two models of the X-ray measuring system X-RAY 6000. Customers who measure up to three material layers during production, choose the X-RAY 6000 PRO. For hose and tube extrusion lines where only one product layer shall be measured, the X-RAY 6000 is available.

The use of the X-RAY 6000 PRO at the hot end, directly after the extruder or after the first vacuum tank/cooling section allows a fast centering and automatic control of the line speed or the extruder rpm. The material shrinkage is taken into consideration by an additional diameter gauge head after the vacuum tank/cooling section combined with a Hot-Cold-Control. Monitoring of the final product is archived by the X-RAY 6000/6000 PRO at the cold end and reduces the cost for an offline sample test.

From the very first day of operation, both X-ray devices, the X-RAY 6000 PRO and the X-RAY 6000, assure continuous online quality control during the production of hoses and tubes. Simultaneously, the systems reduce the wall thickness to a minimum value. Quality assurance and the reduction of material lead to a significant
increase of productivity.

Depending on requirements (hot or cold measurement), the X-RAY 6000 can be installed at any position in the production line with the X-RAY 6000 PRO, the measuring values of the wall thickness, eccentricity, inner and outer diameter and ovality are displayed at the processor system ECOCONTROL 6000 immediately with the online measurement. The eccentricity measuring values are displayed at 8 points and allow the operator an optimal centering of the extrusion tools. For the X-RAY 6000, this feature is optional. The X-ray measuring systems, X-RAY 6000, are fascinating in general and in detail. Customers who measure up to three cable layers during production choose the X-RAY 6000 PRO. For cable production lines where only one cable layer is measured, the X-RAY 6000 is available.

X-ray measuring technology for single- and multi-layer products

Sikora_Large_ECOCONTROL_6000The X-RAY 6000 PRO measures the wall thickness, the eccentricity, the inner and outer diameter and ovality of single layer or multi layer hoses, composite pipes, pressure hoses with textile reinforcement, small or large diameter hoses made of PE, HDPE, PVC as well as foamed products, products made of EPDM, nylon, rubber or silicone. Moreover, it is suitable for quality control of medical and cosmetic tubes. The system includes as a standard the display and control device ECOCONTROL 6000 with a vertical arranged 22“ TFT monitor. It is either mounted directly at the X-RAY gauge head, on a separate stand, or integrated in the control cabinet of the line control.

The ECOCONTROL 6000 is conveniently operated via touch screen and shows all measuring values numerically and graphically as well as trend and statistical data. A line presentation with pictograms of the connected devices provides a clear overview. The PROfessional device becomes most efficient with the automatic control of the line
speed or extruder rpm under consideration of the nominal values.

WIRE-TEMP 6000 – Non-contact temperature measurement


Non-contact measurement of the surface temperature

Overheating of plastic materials during the extrusion process involves the risk for the formation of stains and scorches. The surface temperature measurement is for that reason, of significant importance.

Originally developed for applications in the cable industry, the WIRE-TEMP 6000 is now also available as an independent online measuring device for hose and tube applications for surface temperature measurement of any plastic materials on a non-contact basis.

Designed for round products from .011 to .2“ (0.3 to 5 mm), alternatively designed from .12 to 2“ (3 to 50 mm), the system is laidout for product temperatures up to 302°F (150°C), optionally up to 482°F (250°C). The non-contact measurement of the temperature
is independent from the diameter values, material and surface
structure of the product.

LUMP 2000 – Lump-free production

2-axis lump detectors
3-axis lump detectors

For continuous quality control in hose and tube extrusion lines, lump detectors are just as essential as diameter measuring devices. The 2 and 3-axis lump detectors LUMP 2000 XY and LUMP 2000 T detect the smallest lumps and neckdowns on the product surface fast, precisely and with high reliability.

By the use of a powerful signal processor, the height, depth and length of the fault location are evaluated. The combination of the double sensor technology (differential measuring principle) with infrared light sources assures reliable fault detection even under difficult conditions such as dirt or extreme vibration.

Length measuring system for hoses and tubes


The LENGTH 6000 is a reliable non-contact online length measuring device for strand-shaped products. With the LENGTH 6000 hose and tube manufacturers measure the product length during production and assure that only the accurate length is supplied or further processed.

The technology of the LENGTH 6000 is based on an optical measuring principle. The surface structure on the bottom side of the passing product is defined by two neighboring CCD-image sensors. The length is measured and the speed is calculated from the correlation of both images.

Automatically, the system recognizes whether the product is moving forward or reverse and measures the length precisely at zero line speed.

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