Intac Parts & ServicesĀ is an engineering firm set up in 2002 specializing in plastic extrusion machinery (twin screw extruder and single screw extruder) and ancillary equipment. We supply complete production line from material handling systems, feeders, extruders, pelletizer system, pellet conveying, pellet storage and packing machines. We also supply aftermarket spare parts and wire mesh products to assist our customer to reduce cost without sacrificing quality.

We provide 4S (Sales, Spare Parts, Service and Solutions) to your machinery needs. Contact us if you looking for :-

  • Solutions to your plastics compounding / recycling issue such as higher throughput requirement, better kneading/mixing requirements, better accuracy in feeding, mixing of virgin and recyled material, abrasive material processing etc.
  • Solutions to your extruder / pelletizer spare parts requirement such as wear resistance and/or corrossion resistance, cost down alternatives, secondary/backup supplier etc.
  • Solutions to your extruder screw configuration and twin screw extruder training courses in screw configuration / extruder maintenance.
  • Solutions to additional production requirements through machinery technology and turnkey plant consultation.



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