Data & Automotive Cable

Measuring devices for the production of data cables, automotive cables and building wires
Manufactures of data cables, automotive cables or building wires require continuous monitoring of the cable parameters, such as the wall thickness, eccentricity, the diameter and ovality. Of course, all delivered cables have to be free of faults. SIKORA offers innovative, user-friendly measuring, control, inspection and sorting systems that are specifically designed for quality control of these cable types during the production

PREHEATER 6000 – One button to the perfect temperature


Manufacturers of cables, specifically automotive and data cables, require a reliable conductor preheating, to ensure an optimum adhesion of the insulation on the wire, respectively, a controlled foaming. With the PREHEATER 6000 TC (Temperature Controlled) SIKORA offers an advanced solution for a precise conductor preheating, the basis for high-quality cable production and a repeatable control of the production.

WIRE-TEMP 6000 – Non-contact temperature measurement


With the WIRE-TEMP 6000 SIKORA presents a system for precise online measurement of the conductor temperature. The cable production often requires to preheat the conductor prior to the extrusion process. Reasons might be to ensure optimum adhesion of the insulation on the wire specifically for the automated harness production. A further  application is to stabilize and to control the foaming of the insulation, especially at the insulation of conductors for high-frequency data transmission. The WIRE-TEMP 6000 continuously measures the temperature of metallic conductors and the surface temperature of insulated conductors on a non-contact basis assuring repeatability in the production process.

CENTERVIEW 8000 – The most valuable system for cable production


The CENTERVIEW 8000 is a non-contact measuring system, specifically designed for production lines of all round, single conductor wires, and cables with single or multi-wire conductors and solid or foamed insulations. Typical applications are automotive, telephone, RF, LAN or coaxial cables. The SIKORA system measures the eccentricity, wall thickness, diameter and the ovality of cables with high single value precision online. The measuring values are taken from 4 axes (diameter, ovality) respectively at 8 points (eccentricity) and are visualized on the integrated display or at the processor systems ECOCONTROL 600, 1000 or 6000. The operator receives immediately clear information about eccentricity values that can be instantly used for control or centering of the cross head. This assures maximum material savings, online quality control and a repeatable production process. The measuring system is suitable for product diameters from 0.25 to 10 and 0.5 to 25 mm.

LASER Series 2000 – Classic diameter control at all times

The LASER Series 2000 includes measuring devices for classic measurement of the cable diameters in 2 or 3 planes. Directly integrated in the production line, the gauge heads are characterized by precision, reliability and functionality.

The technical base of these gauge heads is a state-of-the-art CCD-line sensor technology combined with laser diodes as light sources and intelligent powerful analysis software. The outstanding feature of the non-contact measuring technology is the extremely high single value precision, which is an important aspect for the calculation of the standard deviation. The short exposure time assures reliable readings at all common line speeds. Product vibrations have no influence on the measurement. There are no guide rollers needed.

The LASER Series 2000 is free from moving parts and has a nearly unlimited life time. Even after years of operation, the devices measure as accurately as on the day of delivery. The optical measuring principle without any moving parts ensures an availability of 99.8%. Calibration or maintenance procedures are not necessary.

LASER Series 6000 – A milestone in diameter measurement

LASER Series 6000 for high-end diameter measurement and detection of lumps and neckdowns
In addition to SIKORA’s classic diameter gauges of the LASER Series 2000, SIKORA offers the high-end devices of
the LASER Series 6000. These diameter measuring devices are specifically designed for customer requirements that exceed the classic demands for quality control in the wire and cable industry.

The gauge heads of the LASER Series 6000 combine a variety of new technological features for highest precision and reliability to improve productivity of the production line sustainably.

Up to 5,000 measurements per second, all with extremely high single value precision, allow an optimum line control and provide reliable statistical data. The gauge heads measure the diameter of cables with an impressive precision and repeatability. SIKORA offers 3 gauge head models for product
diameters from 0.2 to 78 mm.

Integrated display in the gauge head
The devices include an integrated LCD display. This provides the operator with diameter values at one glance, directly at the measuring device.

Lump detector function
The high measuring rate of the diameter devices also permits the detection of lumps and neckdowns. With the two-inone system investment costs are reduced. In addition, there is more space in the line as only one gauge head has to be installed.

Wi-Fi interface
The LASER Series 6000 has common interfaces as well as a Wi-Fi interface, which allows for a direct connection to a
smart phone or laptop. The Wi-Fi interface is used for diagnosis and quality control. Measuring values, trend and statistical data, but also video signals are transferred.

SIKORA offers a free app for displaying measuring values, trends, statistics or video signals, at smartphones. The operator can easily log in via the Wi-Fi interface and receives immediately production data of the particular gauge head from the smartphone.

The app allows also the calibration of the gauge head according to ISO 9001. The values of the test probes are read
by a QR code and the measured values listed in a log file. For the quality management, a documented test certificate is created, sent and archived.

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