Seals and Bearings

Seals and Bearings

We supply foreign brand seals, bearings and power transmission products. 

We offer alternative brands in all product categories, we can provide the best solutions for your application, based upon:

  • Speed
  • Load
  • Temperature
  • Duty cycle – hours/day
  • Environment – contamination; moisture

Our range of product brand includes :-


Alemite Lovejoy Setco
Baldor  LPS Thomson
Collars & Coupling Lubriko Timken
Dichtomatik (Transcom) Martin Sprocket & Gear Whittet Higgins
Drives, Inc National Seals Quantum
EPT RBC Bearings PAC Seal
Isostatic RBI (RB Tech) US Seal
Kaydon Regina Chesterton
Koyo Rexnord JM Clipper
Loctite Schaeffler Group Inpro 

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