Thermal Cleaning Oven / Furnace

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Schwing Thermal Cleaning Solution (for Metal Parts & Tools)

Looking for a solution to clean and remove polymer/organic contamination fromĀ  extrusion toolings and metal parts? Parts which includes

    • Extruder Screw, Screw Elements
    • Pelletizing Dies, T-Dies, Blown Film Dies
    • Breaker Plates, Filter packs
    • Filter Candles
    • Spin packs and Spinnerets
    • Hot Runner

and many other metal parts

Cleaning Ovens is the best solution to achieve

    1. Non contamination during polymer processing through total removal of polymer. Also, there are no carbon deposits as no open flame is used.
    2. Gentle cleaning without damaging parts (physically or structurally) as temperature can be controlled accurately without exceeding the temperature limit for steel molecule structure. When the temperature limit is exceeded with open flame, metal parts start to warp and crack.
    3. Man-power savings as the cleaning cycle is automated and require no manpower during its cycle.
    4. Safety in cleaning cycles as workers are not exposed to open flame or any chemical fumes.
    5. Effective removal of most polymers and paints leaving the metal toolings / parts intact.

Schwing Cleaning of tools

Schwing Cleaning Ovens 1 Schwing Cleaning Ovens 2 1) Click here to preview cleaning of extrusion parts video using fluidized sand InnovaClean


2 ) Click here to preview cleaning of extrusion twin screw video using pyrolysis VacuClean


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